Our history

Kingston Mental Health Carers’ Forum (KMHCF) was formed 22 years ago, when a number of MH Carer Groups existed around Kingston but operated independently. They had many constructive ideas that needed to be collected together.

Carers came to the decision that a single Forum drawn from the Groups would best serve their purposes. Constructive input could then be formulated and presented to Statutory Services as a contribution towards improving MH services in the borough.

It was also clear that only the MH Carers themselves could act in a way that would bring their peer group together in an effective and worthwhile manner. The Forum is run entirely by volunteers with lived-experience of Caring.

KMHCF not only contributes to the wellbeing of MH Carers but, by so doing, will contribute to the whole community of RBK.

The Forum became a Registered Charity in 2005.

The current Trustees are Alan Moss, Roger Barnes, Dr Jo Boxer