Kingston Mental Health Carers’ Forum (KMHCF) was formed in 2001.

At that time, a number of MH Carer Groups existed in the Royal Borough of Kingston (RBK) but operated independently. They were either Social, Discussion, Action or Support orientated. Some Groups were self-run, whilst others were facilitated by staff from the MH Service Providers.

It became apparent that each MH Group benefited from varying experiences and useful information which was not shared outside that Group. These Groups also discussed worries and concerns which were not shared outside the Group. They had many constructive ideas that were worth further consideration.


MH Carers came to the conclusion that a Forum drawn from all Groups would best serve MH Carers. Common matters of concern and importance could be addressed in a more efficient and effective manner. Constructive input could be formulated and offered to Service Providers as a contribution towards improving MH services in RBK.

It was also clear that only MH Carers themselves could act in a way that would bring their peer group together in an effective and worthwhile manner.

KMHCF and its aims not only contribute to the benefit of MH Carers but, by so doing, will contribute to the whole community of RBK.