If you are are over 18 years of age, and agree with and support its work, you are eligible to become a member of KMHCF. You may be a Carer, Family, Friend of someone with a Mental Health problem, or just supportive of our work.

There are no obligations on you to attend meetings or get involved in any way unless you wish to do so, in which case your help would be greatly valued.

You would receive regular information, including reports from the Management Committee who attend meetings representing the Forum. You will also receive updates on matters of importance and interest to you as a Carer.

From time to time, we may invite your views on matters affecting you or the one you care for. You would be under no obligation to respond though we know that, while some may find it difficult to attend meetings, they would like the opportunity to make their views known.

Please contact us for a membership form. Any participation would be treated in the strictest confidence unless you give permission otherwise.